My daughter and I 

I don't want to just survive, I want to live, I want a life, I want a break, I want a cure!

Join me on my blog!  Please participate and join in on discussions, I appreciate your interaction!

This site is dedicated to all those fighting to be survivors, and to anyone we have lost to this incurable disease. I am dedicated to put all my strength in my fight against Central Nervous System (CNS) Lupus. I'll be sharing my thoughts, feelings and insights as I go through this journey. My goal is to create an environment for both individuals who face debilitating chronic illnesses; and for their family & friends to understand, encourage, support and inspire! 

I also hope to help raise awareness for Lupus as well as all chronic invisible disabilities. After all, I'm not alone - Together, we can ensure better odds for future generations of survivors.

Please check back regularly for updates on my progress, and keep in mind that I am doing my best to manage cognitive impairments brought on by Lupus complications, currently my disease is very active and your encouragement means the world to me.