It's a sin to look so well

I am sick and it's a sin to look so well Because no one can tell It's sad because no one takes your word Your fighting to get well But no one can tell They take your energy The little you have Their ignorance It's a shame that other eyes need to see your Outside as Ugly, Pale, and Frail before they Can see your pain

​ © Chantal J.P.

Keep me above ground

I'm four feet under 

They tell me I need chemo I guess I'm going to do it for my daughter's sake 
Please God let me get through it Now, I may be five feet under at that edge Six feet is not so far away
Please give me the strength to rise above ground Let me know what it's like to be well again
to walk right again, speak right again Do things with ease and be pleased again If I have to be on the edge please don't push me over Let the pain give me the benefit of freedom from the past All this courage to go on, to take risky chances that could take my life Our lives The adversity and overcoming these barriers put in front of me time and time again Even moment to moment Must be recognized and bring me some freedom Not the freedom of death but the freedom of
a full life

​ © Chantal J.P.


I've always loved writing and poetry is my favorite form of expression, it is incredibly therapeutic.....



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